Cluster BIORAFFINERIE2021 – Neue Wege zur integrierten Bioraffinerie
Erweiterung der nutzbaren Biomasseressourcen

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Phase I 2009 – 2012

Energy from Biomass

Objectives of the BIOREFINERY2021-cluster are the forced development of innovative and realistic concepts for a biorefinery and their realization in lab and pilot scale.

Our Modules

The conversion of an existing bioethanol production plant – located in Zeitz/Saxony – into a fully integrated biorefinery based on lignocellulose has to be compatible with the goals of sustainibility. This requires economic feasibility and high ecological standards. It is also important to avoid further conflicts with food industries.

  • Module I – Process Optimization
    Topics: Fermentation of Stillage, efficient Processes, Biogas Production
  • Module II – Lignocellulosic Feedstock
    Topics: Separation of Lignocellulose, robust Enzymes, Production of Malate and Fumarate
  • Module III – High Value Products from Lignocellulose
    Topics: Lignin Pyrolysis, Aromatics, Cellulose Derivates, Phenol Derivates
  • Module IV – Integrated Concept
    Topics: Technology Screening, Dimensioning, Logistics